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In “Mohtawa Media,” we start with deeply understanding the goal of your message, defining the what, where, who, why and how, before choosing the tablet and platform used to begin the journey of sculpturing the message using effects of light, sound, color and creative writing, all combined to reach the target audience in an effective means that is instilled into minds.



"A good Decision is based on Knowledge and not on numbers."


  • Media and public opinion consultations
  • Crisis Communication Management
  • Improve brand image
  • Public relations services
  • Rapid communications support
  • Specialist communication studies and reports

A highly professional service specialized in the formation of public opinion depending on deep knowledge acquired from the world's best academies and institutions. We listen well to every need and issue facing the client. We study circumstances and possibilities before we introduce advice and solutions to guide you to make a decision based on a professional consultation.



“Storytelling Is The Most Powerful Way to Put Ideas In The World Today"

Robert McKee

  • Multimedia designs
  • Visual designs
  • Creative content
  • Documentaries
  • Interactive platform content
  • Specialist communications
  • Creating presentations for leaders
  • Creative speech writing for leaders

Our Name is Mohtawa (Content) and it says it all. We create the content that is right for you. We tell your story and deliver your message in the best effective means. We live your story, interact with it and then tell it to your target audience in the best context using text, image and sound. We make 27 multimedia designs including documentaries, social experiment videos, video journalism, interviews and infographics. We also create 45 types of visual designs, including graphics and infographics, press releases, charts, photography, storyboards, slogans and brand identity.



"If we Understand the Mechanism And Motives of The Group Mind, It Is Now Possible to Control the Masses According to Our Will Without Them Knowing it."

Edward Bernays

  • Public opinion campaigns
  • Counter advertising campaigns
  • Social responsibility campaigns
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Influencing target audience
  • Defining and analyzing target audience

We plan, build and analyze a public opinion campaign that helps you convey your message in the best quality possible. We understand your goals and turn them into a scientific and practical method that we use to form a public opinion and effectively influence your target audience. We follow up with the campaign and measure its effect, and provide you with the results that would contribute in developing your current and future projects.



"Platforms … they come and go, but storytelling is forever."

Michelle Phan

  • Interactive platform design and development
  • Social media content analysis
  • Media and social media monitoring
  • Feeding search engines and improve site ranking (SEO)

To be able to make an effective content is power. However, what is more powerful is the innovative ability to create, develop and analyze platforms that take part in conveying your message. In Mohtawa, we design and develop digital platforms, creating the tablets that are right for the target audience. We provide you with the needed support and analysis, in addition to backup services such as feeding search engines and applying security measures, and options for user friendly interfaces.



Mohtawa Group is proudly a professional partner of NEOM, a Public Investment Fund (PIF) project, and one of the first Saudi companies to provide the project with creative-content services and public relations support.

1st Killer Film

1st Killer Film

The documentary “The number one killer” tells the stories of traffic accident survivors and reviews economic and social studies on the issue in an effort to answer the question: why accidents are increasing year after year in Saudi Arabia.
The film is produced by Mohtawa Group following world-class standards in storytelling and case studies to deliver it as a successful social impact documentary. The film took nearly a year and a half to make and 9,000 kilometers of travel to research and document the stories.

Al Kaif Documentary

Al Kaif Documentary

A documentary through which we travel in a visual voyage to document the culture and beauty of the Arabian coffee from the desert of Riyadh to the mountains of Jazan. The film was awarded the American University’s Vision Award 2018 and was nominated at the London International Filmmaker Festival for Best Director of a Foreign Language Documentary and Best Photography of a Short Documentary.

Salamtk Initiative

Salamtk Initiative

Mohtawa Group is honored to operate Salamtk Initiative in partnership with Abdulaziz Bin Talal and Sora Bint Saud Foundation for Human Development (Ahyaha Organization.) We are proud that the initiative was developed by Saudis who worked hard on founding, planning and activating the initiative since the year 2014.
Salamtk is the first of Mohtawa’s social responsibility initiatives. It was designed within a strategic five-year vision, which stages began with a documentary, the creation of an interactive platform and the publication of more than 100 infographics and video graphics.



The Group is honored to create the platforms for Ahyaha ٍOrganization and their interactive content. The Group provided communication services and continuous internal and external technical support throughout the organization's pre-foundation and trial operation.



Alanesoon Fire and Security Systems is a Saudi company founded in 2002. It provides integrated products and services in the field of safety and security. Mohtawa is honored to be a strategic partner in the making of safety and security systems on a national level, and a turning point in Alanesoon’s development of its communication services and societal partnership.

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